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Related link types

Modified on Fri, 19 Apr 2024 at 02:01 PM

This article introduces related link types.

What are related link types?

How to configure related tasks

A new related link type was introduced in 24.1 to allow links to be configured between tasks that are not dependent on each other.

Before the introduction of this feature, you could only create Dependent task (predecessor and successor) links between the Aico documents. This has a significant effect on the behaviour of when the task starts. A related task has no dependency and will simply start at its configured start time. However, it will have a link to its related task.

The typical use case here is to allow reports to be run and then the output brought into another task such as an ERP report attached to an account reconciliation. 

Currently, this is achieved by making the ERP report a successor to the account reconciliation itself, although this is a misuse of the successor concept.

Related tasks are configured in the same way as dependent tasks but are entered into the related tasks area.

In the first example shown below, we are using only the standard (non-cross company) entry box which means that Automation manager will create a related task to the “Foreign currency bank accounts reconciled” task for each of the specified company codes. For example, AicoDemo Germany will have a related link between this task and its own “Foreign currency bank accounts reconciled” task.

In the second example, we are using the cross company functionality which means that AicoDemo Netherlands will have three related “Foreign currency bank accounts reconciled” tasks for AicoDemo Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

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