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Automation manager administrators and users

Modified on Tue, 01 Aug 2023 at 12:32 PM

This article will show you how to manage administrators and users in Automation manager.

Adding users 

Users (who are not set up as System administrators) can be limited to managing tasks and processes for specific companies.

Log into Automation manager and click on the User tab.

To add a new user, follow the steps below:

1. On the toolbar, select New

2. Click User

3. Enter the information required

4. Click Save 

Note: Copy rights from user can be used to copy the role rights from another user - see below for how rights are assigned.

Assign roles to the user

1. On the toolbar, select Manage 

2. Select Users.

3. Click the user to whom you want to assign roles

1. Click Show All to see all available roles

2. Assign main user rights to the company and process for the user by ticking the box

3. Use the filters to narrow down the selection list

This will limit what the user can do in Automation manager.

Read more about setting up a new user in this article.

NOTE: The current rights of the user will be overwritten by the roles of a user selected in Copy roles from user field.

Once you've added the Main user role to all the necessary companies/processes, they need to click Save.

The effects of the assigned user rights (shown in the screenshot above) can be seen in the screenshot below.

Listed below are other restrictions

  • Users can only see the task templates for their companies and processes
  • Where those task templates are also assigned to companies for which they have no role, they cannot maintain those task templates
  • They can edit the company level settings of an existing task but only for their assigned companies
  • They can add a new user but only assign that user roles in the companies they are assigned to. For example, if a user is limited to Germany and The Netherlands, they can add a new user, but only give them roles in the German and Dutch companies
  • They cannot edit timetables or schedule groups which are used by other companies

Setting Administrators

Administrators in Automation manager have full access to Automation manager, and can use all the Admin Tools options.

If you make a user an Administrator, you will override any roles assigned as above.

Go to:

1. Admin Tools (visible to existing Administrators only)

2. System settings

1. Click on Security settings to open the section

2. Select the users you want to make Administrators

3. Save your changes

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