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Recent Articles

  • Setting up the mail notification dashboard
    Mail notifications work in conjunction with filtered dashboard lists.  The first step is to create a shared dashboard containing the list or lists that you want to monitor.    For more information on setting up a new dashboard, read this article. Just remember to turn on the Shared view, high...
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  • How to create a message template
    Once you have set up your dashboard lists go to System Manager and select the Mail Configuration tab at the top of the page. Here you can configure the email notifications that are sent to users. The message templates define the content of the message and the message definitions define when and ...
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  • Setting headers to be included in a mail message
    In the mail notifications that contain a list of documents, it is possible to show other values from the headers in that document.  The first "Document" column (1) containing the hyperlink to the document is always included but the other headers (2) are configurable. These are...
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  • Creating the message definitions
    The final step of creating a mail notification is to link the dashboard list to the message template and determine when it should trigger the notification and to whom. Create a new message definition 1. Select the Mail Configuration tab in System Manager 2. Click on the Message Definitions...
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  • Introducing mail notifications
    In Aico it is possible to configure many different notifications which are triggered by different workflow statuses and other header values. Mail notifications monitor filtered dashboard lists for the documents they contain and can trigger notifications based on new documents being added to the...
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  • Timetables and Schedule groups
    Tasks are scheduled by associating them with a schedule group.  This defines the automation start and end time and frequency e.g. monthly, quarterly, for example, for each task. The start time is the time at which the task will be sent to the Preparer and is therefore the earliest time they cou...
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