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  • Manage administrative user rights
    There are two types of system administrators in Aico:  Global system administrators have unlimited rights to all systems and administrative areas.  System administrators manage the content in a single Aico system and can also be restricted in what administrative tasks they can perform. ...
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  • Super user mode
    This article discusses the following: What is super user mode? How to enable super user mode Using super user mode What is super user mode? Super user mode is a privileged user role automatically given to all Global System Administrators but can also be given to individual System Administra...
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  • Overview of Users and User Groups
    This is the tab where you will manage users and user groups. Here, you can: View and maintain existing users and user groups Create new users and user groups Manage the roles of both Users and User groups Where appropriate, manage the admin rights of Users Note: User groups cannot be a...
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  • Resolving task issues
    Occasionally you will find that you have generated tasks that you may wish to change or have problems with. This could simply be that the master data was wrong when you generated the task or parameters were missing which means that the task does not generate as you expect.   There are several d...
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  • Task generation
    In Aico, you can generate tasks for a given period. Through managing your period tasks in Aico, you will be able to: Create a new period Open and close a period Generate tasks for a period Regenerate tasks for a period This article will show you how. Opening and generating the period tas...
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  • How to create a milestone task
    What is a milestone task? A milestone task is a summary task used to track the progress of a set of lower level tasks.  For example, you might have a milestone task of "All Accounts receivable tasks completed" which has two more detailed tasks such as "Manual invoices booked&quo...
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