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  • Aico Skills Lab: Account Reconciliation Efficiency
    Welcome to the on-demand recording of our first Aico Skills Lab!   Aico configuration expert, Laurence Ho will talk to you about how to use your Aico Account Reconciliation solution more efficiency.  Aico is a highly configurable suite of financial close solutions, that maximises automation t...
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  • NEW: Aico Skills Lab Tips & tricks for Aico Journal Entries configuration
    Welcome to the second session in our Aico Skills Lab series! Are you ready to supercharge your journal entry process? Join Carita, one of our Aico Platform consultants, as she shares the secrets to customising your journal entries. Journal entries are the backbone of the accounting cycle.  ...
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  • Period handling using an SAP program
    Info: Please note we are not SAP specialists. The examples given are from our SAP environment, but yours might differ. If you have any questions relating to your SAP environment, please contact your SAP Support Team. This article shows how to use an SAP program to open and close FI periods.  N...
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  • How to set up withholding tax in Aico
    In 24.1, Aico introduced support for withholding tax.  This article shows how withholding tax is set up in Aico: Withholding tax calculations Withholding tax in the Aico document Setting up the Aico tax calculation for Withholding tax Withholding tax calculations Withholding tax calculat...
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  • NEW: Account Reconciliation Skills Lab Exclusively for Super Users!
    Are you an Aico Super User? This one's for you! Calling all Aico Super Users! We're thrilled to launch the Aico Skills Lab, an ongoing webinar series designed specifically for you. Our new Aico Skills Lab is an ongoing webinar series crafted especially for dedicated Aico Sup...
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  • Related link types
    This article introduces related link types. What are related link types? How to configure related tasks What are related link types? A new related link type was introduced in 24.1 to allow links to be configured between tasks that are not dependent on each other. Before the introduction of ...
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