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Companies in Automation manager

Modified on Mon, 03 Apr 2023 at 03:09 PM

Companies must be added to both System Manager and Automation Manager to be used for all functions of Aico. Note that Automation manager is only used for automated tasks such as Account Reconciliations and Closing Tasks. This article shows how to set up companies in Automation manager.

In Automation Manager, it is not possible to copy companies. However, they have far fewer settings than in System manager and are simple to set up from new each time.

Go to:

  • Manage
  • Companies 
  • New or New Company

  1. Input the Company Code. 
  2. Add a Company Name where the naming convention is “Company Code – Company name”.
  3. Leave the Division empty, it is not typically used.
  4. Select the appropriate Country. This will automatically create a country tag for the company
  5. Add further tags where used.
  6. Select the Holiday Calendar. This is often a shared global holiday calendar linked to the country of the headquarters, but this might be different in your company. Learn more about holiday calendars here.
  7. If you are using custom calendars to support non-calendar fiscal years, select the Custom Calendar associated with the respective company. Learn more about custom calendars here
  8. Select the time zone for the company. The time zone determines the due date and time calculations for the preparer and approver roles.
  9. Select the timetable, for example, EMEA, APAC etc. The timetable determines the time zone of the automation schedule group start and end times. Learn more about timetables and schedule groups here.
  10. Connect the processes which are associated with the respective company codes. Learn more about processes here.

Set any attributes. These will be specific to your company, but have been used to support concepts like posting period variants and controlling areas which may be unique for that company.

Typically, these attributes are used as inputs for ERP programs that Automation manager needs to understand and automatically appear as smart tags.

Tip: Attributes can be re-named in the System Settings - Company Attribute names section.

Connect the new company to the correct SAP Integration.
Go to:

  • Admin Tools
  • Integrations
  • Select the integration to which you want to connect the company. 
  • Select your new company
  • Press Save

Tip: Where Aico is connected to multiple ERPS, you will see two integrations for each ERP. One just has the Integration name, and the other has the Integration name (Template). The template integration should not have any companies connected to it as this is the one that appears in the Task template before you have selected any companies to connect to the task. Your new company should be connected to the integration without the template.

More information on Setting up companies in System manager can be found here.

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