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Multiview calendar

Modified on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 at 09:45 AM

A multiview calendar chart can be used, as in the example below, to display assigned tasks by their due dates. 

This article will show you how to create the calendar below, but remember that Aico is highly configurable and if you wish to show different date-related multiview calendars, you can.

Open the dashboard to which you want to add this chart and click on the cog wheel in the top left corner.

This calendar is showing tasks by due date and has been built in the Closing Dashboard, but yours may vary.

If you do not have a cog wheel in the top left corner, you do not have Shared Dashboard Admin rights. In this instance, you will need to copy the dashboard. Once copied, you will see the cog wheel in the top left corner. Click here to read the article that shows you how to copy and personalise a new dashboard. 

Add a new chart in the configuration view of your dashboard. You can read this article if you don't know how to do this.

1. Name your chart.

2. Choose Multiview calendar from the Type drop-down.

3. Select:

Date due and time for preparer as the Category field. As this is a calendar, you must choose a category that is a date.

Task name as the Value field as this is what you are going to be adding the values of.

Count as the aggregate as you want to count the number of Aico documents for each date.

Months is set to 3 as this allows you to view the month you are in and the month you are closing, regardless of the date.

Adding a filter.

Add a filter by clicking on the + sign. Because we are interested in tasks due, we have chosen to filter the calendar to show only those tasks that are not completed. 

By adding this filter, you ensure that all tasks that have not yet been completed are visible, even if their due date is in the past.


The chart is colour-coded so you can easily see if the task is late or what the due date is by the ring colour. 


  • Red if the document date is in the past
  • Orange for today's date
  • Blue if the document date is today or in the future

Click on a date to drill through to a list of documents due on that date.

You can scroll through dates by clicking on the forward and backward arrows in the top right corner.

Make sure you save the entire dashboard.

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