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How to set up a manual task

Modified on Thu, 02 Mar 2023 at 03:21 PM

In Aico, a manual task is one which is not integrated with an ERP system.

It is simply a closing task:

  • containing instructions for the closing task
  • has an assigned preparer (and optionally approvers)
  • has due dates for when the task must be completed 

The settings of this task form the basis of all types of tasks.

Setting up a new manual task

1. Go to Automation manager and select:

  • New
  • Task Template

2. Set the Closing task name. This is what is most commonly seen the in the charts in the Aico dashboards.

Next, set the Description. This is used to provide brief instructions to the preparer as to how they should perform this task.

3. Complete the code. If you leave the code empty, Aico will populate this with the next available number.

4. The Manual Workflow Task is the default task type, so you can leave it as it is.

Tip: Once tasks are set up, you can access them from the Automation manager main menu by selecting Manage and Task Templates.

There are three key sections which should be completed to set up your closing task, and each of these has a dedicated article describing how they are set:

  1. Aico document 
  2. Aico document headers 
  3. Workflow settings 

Once the above sections are complete, then you link the Task to a schedule and the Companies you want to perform the task. You can read this article to find out more.

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