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Basic actions in the closing workflow

Modified on Thu, 08 Dec 2022 at 11:28 AM

You can perform your closing tasks for a document from within Aico. This article will show you what basic actions are available.

The Document Body

Additional Actions

The action buttons in closing tasks

The Document Body

When you open a closing document, you can find information about the document and how to complete the task:

1. The task is given a Task Name.

2. You may be given a Description of what to do.

3. You might have to click on a URL link to find the instructions.

4. In the attachment area, you might be given instructions in attachments. 

    You might be asked to complete a spreadsheet to capture information about a task.

5. On the right side of the screen, under the Linked Documents section, you are given information about the task from the prior period called prior period closing task and dependent tasks that cannot be performed until this current task is completed. These are called Successor tasks.

Additional Actions

As you complete the task, you can add comments and attachments. You can read this article for more information about adding comments and attachments.

The action buttons in closing tasks

Across the top of your document is a series of buttons. These buttons are highly configurable, so you may see something different to the image below.

However, there are some buttons that are always present in closing tasks, and they are explained below.

Save - this saves the document and gives it a unique Aico document number. It does not check the document for errors or incomplete information.

Validate - this checks that all required data has been filled out. It also checks the document for errors or invalid information. 

The workflow button - this button will move the document in the workflow. Here, the workflow button is complete. There may be more than one workflow action in a document. You may see submit, for example, which sends the document to an approver.

Send for info - this allows you to send the document to another Aico user and ask for more information to help you complete your task.

Print - this sends the document to print.

There are also some optional buttons that may have been configured to show in your closing documents.

Assign to - this opens a pop-up where you can select another person to take over the task.

Assign to me - this allows you to take over responsibility for the task.

Create Journal - this creates a new journal which can be prepopulated with the basic information required to post the specific journal required for this closing task. Company code, task name and description are some of the fields that could be prepopulated.

Copy prior journal - this will check the prior period closing task and make a copy of any journal posted in the last period. This copied journal will be automatically linked to the current period closing task.

Export to Excel - pressing this converts the document information into an Excel spreadsheet and downloads it for you.

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