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Line charts

Modified on Thu, 24 Nov 2022 at 02:47 PM

Line charts work well if you want to see how values change over time. 

For this article, we will create a vertical bar chart that shows the number of completed account reconciliations by period in the Account Reconciliation dashboard.

Open the Account Reconciliation dashboard and click on the cog wheel in the top left corner.

If you do not have a cog wheel in the top left corner, you do not have Shared Dashboard Admin rights. In this instance, you will need to copy the dashboard. Once copied, you will see the cog wheel in the top left corner. Click here to read the article that shows you how to copy and personalise a new dashboard.

Click on Add chart at the bottom of this section.

1. Name your chart. 

2. Choose Line chart from the Type drop-down.

3. From the Category field, choose Period.

4. From the Value field, choose Account name.

5. As you want to count the number of completed documents, set the Aggregate function to count.

6. If you want the axes to be labelled on your chart, tick the boxes.

7. Click the Refresh arrow to see your line chart.

The chart will display the available data. In the example below, you can see not all the periods had data, so they do not show on the chart.

Click Save on your dashboard to save the chart.

Adding a Filter

The next thing we can do, if we are only interested in the number of documents not completed in a specific period, is to filter the chart so it only shows documents which are not completed.

8. Click on the + sign to the right of Filters.

9. Scroll down the drop-down list until you get to Not completed.

Save your entire dashboard.

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