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Set a custom schedule

Modified on Thu, 02 Mar 2023 at 09:38 AM

Most task templates are simply connected to a schedule group which is already set up with a start and end time. It is, however, possible to use a custom schedule to give a unique start and end time to a task. This can be done at either a task template level or even an individual company level task template (this latter scenario is quite rare).

The typical use case here is when you want to schedule a program to run at a particular time (such as: run this large report at 02:00 am). Rather than set up a lot of different schedule groups, you simply give this one task a custom schedule. 

How to set a custom schedule on a task template

Setting a custom schedule on a company level

Before you decide whether to use a custom schedule first consider whether a dependent task is a way to handle the requirement.  Dependent tasks can ensure that a particular task does not start before another task has been completed. Read this article if you need to learn more. This may not be the right solution for your particular requirement and therefore a custom schedule may be required.

How to set a custom schedule on a task template.

Info: Remember this will affect all company level tasks linked to this particular task template.

1. Link the task template to one of the existing schedule groups. This is important because if you remove the custom schedule at any point, the task can revert to a standard schedule group. Read this article for more information.

2. Click the New customer schedule button.

Enter the start and end times in the normal way for the schedule.

Note that a custom schedule is outside the timetable linked to each company. It, therefore, assumes the company time zone set in the company details. 

If, for example, you have set Workday 2 at 02:00 as the start time, then the task will start at 02:00 CET for a company with a CET time zone and 02:00 EST for a company linked to the EST time zone.

Setting a custom schedule on a company level.

Warning! Think carefully before using this approach. it can only be done on a company task-by-task basis in Automation manager and there is no mass export/import for these settings.

If you still want to create a custom schedule on a company level:

1. Go to Manage

2. Click on Companies

Now open the company to which you want to add the custom schedule for the task.

Go to Task templates and click on the Custom Schedule button against the task and add your start and end time.

Once set, the Custom Schedule button turn red and a delete button appears, allowing you to remove the custom schedule.

If you delete a custom schedule the original schedule group that the task was initially linked to on the task template will be restored.

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