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Preparer and Approver workflow settings

Modified on Fri, 10 Feb 2023 at 11:04 AM

Preparer workflow settings

Approver workflow settings

This article will talk you through the settings for the Preparer and Approver workflow settings shown in the image below.

Preparer workflow settings

1. Primary Preparer - Enter the name of the Primary User or User Group who is responsible for this task. This can be either an individual user or user group but not both. It's important to note that, for all automated tasks, the preparer is a mandatory setting as Automation manager is the creator and must have the next role to send the task to. 

2. Backup Preparer - If required, enter the name of an individual user or user group who will be responsible for the task if the Primary User is not valid. 

Next set the due date and time for the role. For this to be calculated all the values 3 to 6 must be set.

3. Day Type - This can be Work Day or Calendar Day. Setting the Day Type to Work day (as in the image above) means that Automation manager will consider the holidays that you have set in the holiday calendar linked to the company when generating the task.

Setting the Day Type to Calendar Day means that Automation manager will set that exact day ignoring the holiday calendar. For example, Calendar Day 15 will mean the 15th January or 15th February and so on.

Tip: Calendar Day -1 will set the last calendar day of the month e.g. 29th February, 30th June etc.

Please note that the Day Type is only set here, and not in the other Approver sections. This is because the Day Type applies to the whole task and you cannot mix Day Types between the roles of Preparer and Approver. 

4. Due Day Preparer - the day that the associated Role should complete this task. 

5. Due Month Preparer - choose from the drop-down menu the month that the associated role should complete this task.

Current month means the month that is being closed.  

Next month means the month after the one that is being closed. e.g. If you are generating the tasks for Period 9 then the current month is September and the Next month is October. Therefore Workday 2 of next month means the second working day of October and Workday -1 of the current period means the last working day of September.

6. Due Time Preparer - This refers to the time that the associated role should complete this task. The times are linked to the time zone of the company and not the schedule group attached to the task. 

It is important to understand that these are the times that the user is expected to complete their roles in the workflow. It has no relationship with the schedule group start and end time which refers to the automation timings and not the user action.

Approver workflow settings

These are set in exactly the same way as the Preparer with the exception that theday type is only set in the Preparer workflow settings and will apply to all other roles.

Aico supports up to 3 levels of approval plus a Handler role. However, if your organisation does not use these roles they will be hidden.

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