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Gauge charts

Modified on Thu, 24 Nov 2022 at 02:57 PM

Gauges provide a visual way to see a single quantitative data value. Aico allows you to create gauges to visualise your data.

This article will show you how to create a simple gauge like the one below.

Open the Account Reconciliation dashboard and click on the cog wheel in the top left corner.

If you do not have a cog wheel in the top left corner, you do not have Shared Dashboard Admin rights. In this instance, you will need to copy the dashboard. Once copied, you will see the cog wheel in the top left corner. Click here to read the article that shows you how to copy and personalise a new dashboard.

Clicking on the cog wheel will take you to the set-up page of your dashboard.

1. Click on Add chart at the bottom.

2. Name your chart.

3. Choose Gauge from the Type drop-down.

We want to filter the information in this gauge chart to only show those account reconciliation documents that are late.

4. Create a new filter by clicking on the + sign.

5. Choose Gauge from the New filter drop-down.

6. Next, select Account Name from the Value field.

7. Because we want a simple total of one value, choose Count from the Aggregate function.

8. As the lowest number of incomplete documents is zero, set this in the Min Chart range.

9. You can choose the most appropriate Max number. For this example, we chose 1000.

With a gauge, you can choose which colours you would like to represent your ranges.

10. Click on the drop-down next to each colour option and choose from the palette drop-down. 

Bear in mind, these colours are based on percentages which you can't change. 

Colour 1: 50% of the chart (grey in our example)

Colour 2: 25% (yellow in our example) 

Colour 3: 15% (amber in our example) 

Colour 4: 10% (red in our example)

When you are satisfied, click the Refresh arrow in the top right corner.

Save the entire dashboard in the top left corner when done.

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