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Managing tax codes

Modified on Thu, 22 Jun 2023 at 03:17 PM

Tax codes are set up in two places.

1. System Manager - Value sets

The tax code value set simply presents the available tax codes to the end user in the Journal template.

2. System Manager - Tax Codes

The Tax Codes tab in System manager is used by the ERP Tax calculation and defines whether the tax code is Gross or Net etc. 

Warning! There is no connection between the tax code set in the value set and the Tax Codes tab in System manager. They are completely independent of each other and therefore need to be set up separately.

This article shows how tax codes are maintained in System manager - Tax Codes. 

Setting up a tax code

Mass Export/Import of tax codes

Setting up a tax code

Tax codes are used differently depending on the ERP system you are using.

Aico has its own tax calculation task which can add tax rows based on the tax code set-up. When using Aico's tax calculation then the percentage and tax accounts set in the tax codes are mandatory. However, if you are using, for example, the SAP tax calculation, then the percentage and tax account are read directly from SAP itself.

Tax codes can be set up individually from the Tax Codes tab or by mass import.

To add a single Tax code:

1. Go to the Tax Codes tab

2. Scroll to the very bottom and press the New VAT Code button. 

3. You can remove or edit existing tax codes using the icons at the end of each row.

A new page will appear. Add the company for which this tax code will be applicable. Enter the VAT code, Name, Percentage and select the Gross VAT type. The Tax code must also have a validity date. We recommend using 31/12/9999 as the Valid To value.

The fields shown in red are mandatory for all ERP tax calculations.

After the data is entered, press the Save button.

Note: For the SAP tax calculation, the VAT percentage is not taken from the Aico tax code setting but is read in real-time from SAP. The VAT Type (Gross, Net etc.) determines which SAP tax calculation BAPI is called.

Mass Export/Import of tax codes

It’s easier to do bulk changes in tax codes through mass import.

1. Go to the Export/Import dialogue at the bottom of the Tax codes page. Press Export, this will download a new excel file that will contain all the tax codes set in the system.

3. If you want to delete a tax code, enter TRUE in the A column, entitled "Remove".

4. If you’re adding a new tax code, leave column B, the ID column, empty. 

You can then re-import the file by first choosing the file and the press Import as above.

Tip: Start by exporting the existing tax codes and then add the new ones and import.

This article shows how tax codes are maintained in System manager - Tax Codes. To read about how they are set up in Value sets, click here. Tax code value sets are set up no differently to other value maintained value sets and you can learn about it here

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