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Modified on Mon, 06 Feb 2023 at 11:00 AM

Here you maintain the administration side of Automation Manager.

The Admin Tools button is only visible to Administrators.

Admin Tools allow an Administrator to maintain a number of key functions:

Periods - create periods and generate tasks

Holidays - set holiday days in holiday calendars

Processes - create and change processes

Processes for Company - associate processes to companies in bulk

Tags - create tags which can then be linked to companies and tasks

Country - add and maintain countries which are then linked to companies

Holiday Calendars - create and maintain holiday calendar names (work days are set in the calendars in the Holidays area above)

Custom Calendars - create and maintain the custom calendar names (the actual days are set in each period from the Periods area above)

Schedule Groups - create and maintain the schedule group names (the actual start and end times are set in the Timetables against each schedule group)

Export/Import - allows you to export and import the task templates in bulk

Audit Log - see the log of all changes to the master data

System settings - allows many of the more technical settings to be maintained, such as appointing administrators, purging task settings, language, page size etc.

Integrations - create and maintain ERP integrations

Mail templates - you can set up emails to be sent when tasks go into error

Task type configuration - allows you to control what task types are available and set editability and visibility of individual parameters within a task type

Background worker status - you can see the tasks being processed through the background services

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