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Using a group to validate header values

Modified on Wed, 21 Jun 2023 at 12:54 PM

This task will check if a numeric/decimal value in a header is above a minimum or below a maximum value. It can be set up to check against specific values, regardless of currency. Or you can link it to a currency amount group, and it will check against the value set for the given currency in the table.

The most common use case is to check the value of the unreconciled balance in an account reconciliation.  If you simply want to make sure the unreconciled balance is zero, this can be set as "0" in the task. 

If you want to allow a threshold for the unreconciled balance, then this requires links to currency amount groups.

This task will check if a numeric/decimal value in a header is above a minimum or below a maximum value. It is not mandatory to set both. The validation and given error will vary based on which (or both) are given. 

A valid configuration can also have both minimum and maximum parameters set to the same value, which means that the header requires this specific value. Checked values can vary by currency by connecting the parameter to a currency amount group.

Set the task against the required action events, for example, Send to Approver 1, User initiated validation etc.

Set the rangeMin and rangeMax - you do not have to set both. For example, you may only want a minimum if you want to prevent users from posting journals below a certain value.

You can set a specific number, for example, rangeMin: -500, rangeMax: 500 would check for values between -500 to +500 and ignore what currency is being used. No quotes are needed around the number.

Alternatively, you can set a currency group such as rangeMin: "Reconciliation min", rangeMax: "Reconciliation max".  This would then refer to these tables. Quotes are needed if you are setting a currency group name.

If you do not set a currencyCodeHeader parameter, then it will default to check the "currencyCode" header, otherwise, you can ask the task to use a different header to look for the currency.

The group table will look like this:

Note: You can set negative numbers in the group table amounts if you want the minimums to be credit values.

The final step is to connect the task to the header.

Open the header that the validation is going to check, such as unreconciledBalance

On the advanced tab go to the Validations drop-down and tick the validation task set up for each of your chosen actions

If the validation fails, the resulting document will look as follows. Where you have used a currency group the error message will show the currency otherwise it will simply show the number:

Note: This type of functionality is most commonly set up by your implementation team during the project.

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