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Aico document headers

Modified on Fri, 10 Feb 2023 at 02:09 PM

The Aico document headers are used to set values for classifications like risk, priority, task group etc. These are then used mainly for reporting purposes in the dashboards.The Aico document header section will appear in the template once you have selected the template you wish to work from in the Aico Document section.

In the image below, you can see the Aico Document Template has yet to be chosen, and so only the Preparer workflow settings and Approver 1 workflow settings are available.

Below, a template has been chosen and so you can now proceed to complete the Aico document headers.

Each customer will have chosen different Aico document headers that they wish to use. Your own headers and the possible values that they can be set with may be different from those shown below.

  1. Where the header is connected to a value set, a drop-down arrow will appear and show the list of available values.

  2. Where the header is a free text field, you can simply type in the value you want to use in the task.
  3. These headers can also be set by smart tags which allow you to set values that move in time with the task. For example, Period Last calendar Day will set the last calendar day of your closing period, without requiring monthly maintenance.

  4. The required details header allows you to select any evidence you want to make mandatory for that specific task. For example, making a comment or an attachment mandatory.

Next move to the workflow settings article.

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