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Edit header and row data

Modified on Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 03:10 PM

Within each document type in Aico, you may be completing header data (1) or row data (2) fields. Depending on the document type you are working on, you could be setting dates or values in just the header area, or in the row area as well.

Below are some examples. Depending on the way your Aico experience has been set up, these fields may be mandatory, in different locations, or not appear at all.

The most common ways Aico enables you to complete your document is through:

Selection lists

Value sets - header area

Fields with the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side denote where you can selection from a set of predefined values. 

Company code, Document template, Document type and Purpose are examples of value sets in the header area.

Value sets - row area

In the row data section, cells with a grey arrowhead show where you can access a value set. you can either click on the cell for the drop-down to appear, or start typing the name or number of the account in the cell.

Account number, tax code, cost center and profit center are examples of value sets in the row area.

Text fields

Text fields - header area

You can write your own text in the header area where there is an empty field. Click in the field to start typing. 

Document description and Reference are examples of free text fields.

Text fields - row area

You will find a free text field in the row area as well. Item text, for example, is a mandatory field where you need to type in a meaningful description.

Item text, customer and vendor are examples where you find free text fields in the row area.

Date pickers

Date pickers - header area

To help you choose the correct date, fields which require a date have a date picker drop-down. Click on the date field to activate the calendar drop-down and choose the required date.

Document date and posting date are two fields that require a date.

Date pickers - row area

You will also find date pickers available in the row area. Click in the empty field and choose the appropriate date.

If Date field is visible, this will be a date picker.

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