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How to manage user access

Modified on Mon, 07 Aug 2023 at 11:30 AM

First, you will need to create a new user in Automation manager. Go to: 

1. Manage 

2. Users 

3. New (on the next screen)

You will then be navigated to a new (below) screen. 

Enter all the necessary details (1) and click Save (2). 

Note: "Identity" is the Aico login. Often there is already a link to Azure which will find those user details.

There are two ways you can manage the roles of this new user:

You can press Roles on the screen that immediately follows when you Save the new user:

Or, if you wish to return to the user roles to amend at a later date:


1. Manage

2. Users

3. Roles (for the specific user).

Once you click Roles, you will be navigated to the below screen.

You can then apply filters to show only certain companies or companies linked to a specific country or process.

How to add roles to the user

Before you have connected a user to any roles, the screen will look as below.

Tick Show All to see all companies and to see if the user has been set as the Main user or not.

If the user is already set up when you come to this page, you will see the companies they are the main user for.

Tick Show All to reveal all possible companies. You can then assign them to other companies they are not connected to by ticking the corresponding box, as below.

You can tick Main user for the company if needed, which will allow the user to start/edit the task parameters within the selected process for the specific company. Once you've added the Main user role to all the necessary companies and processes, click Save.

Now you can go to the specific user roles, as below:

The roles the user is connected to are visible:

The main user role for the company and process will also allow the user to create a new task template for the process and company combination.

Copying roles from one user to another

After you have set up all the necessary roles for one user, you can copy them over to other users. This can be done in Automation manager by clicking:

1. Manage

2. Users

3. Name (of a user you wish to add the roles to)

Once you click on a user's name, you will be directed to the below screen: 

1. In the Copy roles from user field, select the user you wish to copy roles from.

Warning! The current rights of the user will be overwritten by the roles of a user selected in Copy roles from user field.

2. Save your changes to copy the role.

Warning! If you make someone a System Admin, it overrides anything you set up here. They will have access to everything. For more information, read this article.

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