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Splitting document data via Excel import

Modified on Tue, 06 Jun 2023 at 11:06 AM

This article shows how you can use an Excel import file to create multiple Aico documents by splitting the data in the Excel file by, for example:

  • company codes
  • currencies

Excel import supports splitting by one or more columns. The number of split columns is not technically limited. Each column that is used in splitting must have "split" written above the column header cell in the imported Excel sheet. 

Split columns can reference to internal names of columns or headers in a document template with named cells, for example, "row.account" or "row.header.companyCode". 

The splitting function is only allowed when importing a new document from the Action menu.  It will not work from the Excel import button once you have already created the document.

Aico mappings in the Excel sheet

In this example, we will split this document into five journals based on the company codes in Column O.

1. Add a new column called Company Code and write the word split in the cell above the column you want to split by.

2. As you can see, the sheet already has a header called company code in row 1. This means this is mapped to the Aico document using the Name manager mapping of "header.companyCode". 

This mapping must be overwritten by a new mapping which refers to your new Company Code column. This is done using Name manager to create a new mapping called "row.header.companyCode".

3. Where the data you want to split by is already in a column then you simply need to add the word split above it.

Name Manager can be found under the Formula tab in Excel. 

The result here is that five New documents are created each of which must then be handled individually and sent through the workflow in the normal way.

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