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How to attach a file from a file share to a closing task

Modified on Mon, 24 Jul 2023 at 10:31 AM

The article below shows you how to attach a file from a file share to a closing task. Please note, the technical integration and the Aico document template will have been set up by your Delivery team and could have slight differences to the description below.

Aico closing tasks are able to import and attach a file of any type to a closing task. This feature was added in 23.1, so you will not be able to do this in earlier versions of Aico.

This feature was created as you will most likely run monthly reports from your ERP and other external systems and extract data in many different formats, such as PDF, XML, XLSX, and CSV, which are not necessarily from the supported of ERPs of SAP and EBS.

You will save these files into an agreed location (e.g. SFTP or your file upload area of Aico itself) from where Aico would pick these up and read them into the respective closing tasks.

There is an additional capability where the file format is XLSX or CSV. Aico can then use an import template on the task to read data from those reports. This is dealt with in the following article: Creating a journal from an excel report.

Setting up the Automation manager task

The task is set up using the Manual workflow task type and all the basic settings are the same as for all other manual tasks. Read this article to find out how to set up a manual task.

Once your manual task is set up, follow the steps below:

1. Set your new Aico document template in the task.

2. This will make the Aico document headers appear and you can set the report name.

The resulting document will look similar to the below image. The report name is set from the Automation manager tasks, but the formula takes the full file name in the Import Filename header. This is then the name of the file retrieved.

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