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Timetables and Schedule groups

Modified on Wed, 03 May 2023 at 11:59 AM

Tasks are scheduled by associating them with a schedule group. 

This defines the automation start and end time and frequency e.g. monthly, quarterly, for example, for each task. The start time is the time at which the task will be sent to the Preparer and is therefore the earliest time they could start work on it. 

Note: The Preparer due date and time are set against each individual task and are set separately from the schedule group.

Once the schedule groups have been defined, they are associated with a timetable, which in turn is linked to a company.

How to create a new schedule group

Adding a new timetable

How to create a new schedule group

On the toolbar:

Select New

Click Schedule group

Enter a clear name for the schedule group. Obvious ones, such as Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and so forth are regularly used. But as these fields can be freely named, "Yearly P11" could mean Yearly in period 11, "HY, HC, YE" could mean Half Year (Period 6), Hard Close (Period 10), Year-end (Period 12).

Adding a new timetable

To add a new timetable, follow the steps below:

In Automation Manager select:

1. Manage 

2. Timetables 

3. New 

Enter a descriptive name for the timetable. Timetables can be defined, for example, per country, per company, or per business area.

Select a time zone from the drop-down list.

Click Save.

Once the timetables are created, each schedule group will automatically appear in each timetable, and you can then add the times and frequencies. Click here to read more.

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