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Gantt charts

Modified on Thu, 24 Nov 2022 at 03:11 PM

A Gantt chart is a way to display a timeline visually to monitor tasks based on dates. For example, to show the status of a task based on its due date.

We will create the Gantt chart below. This chart is based on closing tasks.

The Aico Gantt chart is very configurable. This example Gantt chart has been configured to show:

  • Task start and end date
  • The name of the task
  • Name of the preparer
  • Where the task is waiting for a preparer and late (in red)
  • Where the task is waiting for approval (in amber)
  • Where the task is completed (in green)
  • Where the task is dependent on the preceding task being completed (in grey)

What you see and the colouring is all configurable and will be explained in this article.

How to create a Gantt chart.

1. Click on the Actions drop-down in the top left corner and click on New Dashboard.

2. Name your dashboard.

You can choose to add a number of Quick filters. See this article on adding Quick filters and what they mean.

3. Once you have chosen whether or not to add Quick filters, it's time to add some Global filters to set the parameters for the entire dashboard.

4. As this example Gantt chart based on closing tasks, we create the Global filter as below.

Now we have set the parameters for the dashboard, we can create the Gantt chart.

5. Click on Add chart.

6. Name your chart and choose Gantt chart from the Type drop-down.

7. The Title determines what will appear inside the Gantt chart boxes themselves. In our example, we chose Task Name which shows the name of each closing task.

8. Add in your Start date and End date headers which will represent the length of each boxWhere you do not monitor start dates, the recommendation is to create a header to set the start date two days prior to the due date. You may need to ask your administrator to do this.

Tip:These must be date format headers.

9. We recommend you tick the Full screen box to properly display your Gantt chart.

10. Add in the Visible columns.

The visible columns appear on the left side of the Gantt chart and also appear when you hover over one of the task boxes. Additionally, in the hover box, you will see the title, start and end dates that you have configured when you set the chart up.

11. To make them easier to interpret, our Gantt charts are colour coded.

To add colour to your Gantt chart you must add List Color to your visible columns. List colouring is defined by your administrator.

12. Click on the Refresh arrow in the top right of your chart to be taken to the front view.

13. Save the entire dashboard by clicking on the Save button in the top left corner of the front view of your dashboard.

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