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How to import multiple journals from one Excel spreadsheet

Modified on Mon, 21 Nov 2022 at 10:22 AM

This article will explain the steps you need to take to import multiple journals from a single Excel import sheet.

You can use a split function to create multiple journals from one Excel import sheet.

For example, you may want to split a bonus accrual across multiple company codes in multiple currencies.

The first thing to do is ensure the Excel spreadsheet has all the correct mappings. This is a simple process that the previous article explains. You can read it here.

Next, you need to tell the spreadsheet how the data should be split.

We will take the example of an accountant wanting to split the data by company code.

1. When you open your spreadsheet, you will see the original Header data (1) and the original Row data area (2).

You can see, at the bottom of the row area, the sum of 4000,00 and 3000,00 will be taken from Account 194500. Now we need to assign these amounts to the correct companies.

2. Create a new column called Company Code to the far right of the row data area and assign the correct company codes for the amounts.

3. Now you need to tell Excel and Aico that we want to use this company code as a split column.

Now, turn your attention to the name box in the top left of your Excel spreadsheet. Currently, it has the highlighted cell's coordinates.

We are going to use Excel's Name manager to define the value of the cell and create the mapping required to put this information into Aico correctly. You can find this button under the Formula tab in Excel.

First, make sure you select the cell you want to apply Name Manger to. In this case. the cell is entitled Company Code. 

Click on the button.

To create a new name, click on the New button:

Under Name, write your name with the following convention: row.header.internalName 

For our example, you would write: row.header.companyCode

Then click OK.

4. Write split above the cell above where you have written Company Code to give Aico the instruction to split the data into different journals.

Now save the spreadsheet and import it into Aico by clicking on the Actions drop-down list in Aico and selecting Import document.

For our example, two new documents have been created, one for each company code, and the amount specified.

it is possible to split by more than one column. For example, you may want to split by company code and currency. In which case, you need to follow the instructions above, but add a column for currency, as below.

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