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Manage user roles

Modified on Mon, 09 Jan 2023 at 12:43 PM

To assign user roles to a user or user group, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Users tab, select a user or user group and click the user account in the left panel. The user account opens for editing. If the list is long, you can enter a search phrase in the Search field.
  2. To assign user roles, click Manage Roles at the top right of the page. A new page opens, it lists all the companies and document templates, and approval limit groups and user roles associated with them.
  3. From the System drop-down list, select the applicable Aico system. The list contains all the systems that have been configured.
  4. Select the roles that you want to assign to the selected user or user group. User roles can be assigned at the company level or at the document template level.

    • If you select a role at the company level, the document template level is disabled and the user will be given role rights for all of the document templates in that company.
    • If you have already selected either level, but you decide to change the level, you are asked if you want to override the settings.
    • If you want to assign the same role in all companies or document templates, use the filters to select the Companies and Templates that you want to assign roles for then click on the selection box and Select all companies or all templates as shown in the screen capture below.

    • Set Company level roles for all templates within a Company (1)
    • Set individual roles by checking the individual roles against the respective Companies and Templates (2)
    • Where Approver roles are added (3) then an associated approval limit group can be assigned (4). Note that the default approval limit group means that the User has no limit (i.e. can approve regardless of the document amount) for that respective Approver role.
    • Where a role is being controlled by membership of a User group then the ability to set the role for the individual is greyed out and a hover message is displayed (5).

    • To save the settings, click Save at the top of the page.

      Note: It is best practice in a Production environment to set User roles at a template level NOT the company level.

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