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Resolving task issues

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 12:54 PM

Occasionally you will find that you have generated tasks that you may wish to change or have problems with. This could simply be that the master data was wrong when you generated the task or parameters were missing which means that the task does not generate as you expect.  

There are several different ways to handle these depending on the type of issue you are trying to resolve:

Regenerating tasks that have already been generated

Resolving issues from the generated tasks list

Perform actions on individual documents

Regenerating tasks that have already been generated

There are several different ways to regenerate tasks depending on:

  • the issue you are trying to deal with
  • the number of tasks you want to regenerate

Before you start you need to be aware that Automation manager tasks ultimately create Aico documents for the end users to work with:

  • simple manual workflow tasks will have a single task in Automation manager linked to a single Aico document
  • tasks with an ERP integration (SAP Account reconciliations and SAP programs) will have a parent and child task in Automation manager. The parent task gets the necessary information from the ERP and then creates a child task which contains the relevant ERP data. It is the child task that is linked to the Aico document.
Note: If you want to regenerate an existing task you must ensure that the associated Aico document in the Aico Web Client isn't open.

In the example below, you can see the parent and child task to run an SAP program to be able to calculate and post a provision for a bad debt.

For ERP program tasks, Aico will put the word Workflow after the child task name, and it is this task that is linked to the Aico document.

In the example below, the parent and child task run an ERP Account Reconciliation for a user to reconcile account 19200.

For ERP Account Reconciliations, Aico will call the child tasks Aico Account Reconciliation followed by the account number.

Note: Where there is a grouped set of accounts, Aico will use the Task name instead of the individual account number.

Resolving issues from the generated tasks list

This is useful for:

  • dealing with errored documents
  • making changes that you want to only affect the current period tasks

 In order to do this:

1. Go to Tasks 

2. Select the correct Period you want to work with

3. Click the filter box

4. The filtering options pane will open

Choose the filters to find the task(s) you want to work with. Filtering will happen in real-time

For example, you may:

  • have an SAP connection error and need to restart all the tasks
  • want to find all tasks with an Error of "No valid accounts”
  • have set up an account as Open item managed which is not open item managed in SAP

Once you have filtered (1) for the tasks you want to work with, you can perform certain mass actions (2)

  • Delete –  will delete all Aico documents and associated Automation manager tasks.
  • Re-initialise – this will delete all the Aico documents and then restart the Automation manager tasks which in turn will create new Aico documents.  This is not commonly used as a mass action as it will simply re-create the same document unless you edit the task parameters (see below)
  • Force refresh – this will run the Refresh action configured on the documents. This is most commonly used on Account reconciliation documents to get fresh data from SAP.
  • Continue – this will typically be used to restart tasks that have errored.

1. All tasks can be continued using the double arrows at the top of the group.

2. Alternatively, individual tasks can be started by clicking the double arrows next to the individual task itself

Perform actions on individual documents

Note: Where you change the task parameters on a task here in the Tasks tab and regenerate it then you are only affecting the task for the period task. When you generate the next period Automation manager will revert to the Master data from the task template.

Open the task that you want to edit:

1. Click Edit Task Parameters

2. Once you have changed the required parameters then Re-initialise the task. This will delete the current Aico document and create a new one.

Note: Remember that this will not work if you have the existing Aico document open in the Web Client as Automation must get the lock in order to delete it.

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