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PDF Print and Archive settings

Modified on Wed, 21 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

We have improved the layout of the PDF-generated spreadsheet reports when using the Print button inside an Aico document as well as the Archive PDF that is automatically created when a document is archived. 

Info: This feature was introduced in 23.1, and so will not be available in earlier versions.

It is now possible to control some of the settings for that PDF using the global parameters and a new Print dialog box that appears when printing from the Aico document itself.

Print from the document itself

When you have the document open it will contain a Print button which will download a PDF for that document. It puts the headers on the first page in portrait and then switches automatically to landscape for the Action log, comments, attachments and rows.

When the Print button is pressed a dialog box opens with a few options.

Print Options:

  • Include empty headers and/or columns: this will display empty rows and columns, but will not reveal any hidden fields.
  • Scale to fit page width: If this is set then all rows will be included in one page. If not, rows will be split across multiple pages but repeat the row number on each. This is similar to how Excel would handle printing when a row is quite wide.
  • Print tables in black and white: There is a default PDF Header Color parameter which is set to the Aico blue and this is used in the logo and title headers and rows. When you use set tables in black and white this colouring is removed and the logo changes to greyscale. 
  • Page size: this can be set to A3, A4 or letter, with A4 as the default. If you intend to keep the output in electronic format then consider the A3 mode as it can fit a lot more row data onto each page.

Your choice will be remembered for next time.

Archive PDF settings

The archive PDF now also uses this new layout and it is possible to control some of the archive PDF settings similarly to the print dialogue. 

However, these are set in the configuration parameters. Where the parameters are the same as the print dialogue they work in the same way.

Note: It is possible to show the hidden headers and columns in the archive PDF using two additional parameters. It is not possible for the end user to show hidden fields from the Print dialog.

Common PDF settings

Common settings that will affect both the Print and archive PDF images.

These provide options for the Font, Font size, Header Colour and maximum column width. TIP: If your tables have no colouring even when setting Print tables in black and white to false, then check that the Common PDF Header colour parameter is not set to white (#FFFFFF).

Your output will look similar to the below screenshots: 

Header information:

Comments, action log and attachments:

Note: The attachments are hyperlinks when using the print button from inside the Aico document and contain links to re-download the attachment from the Aico server. There are no hyperlinks in the archive PDF.

Row data:

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