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How to Create Holiday Calendars

Modified on Mon, 06 Feb 2023 at 12:38 PM

In Aico, you can create one or many holiday calendars and link them to one or many companies. This article will show you how.

How these calendars are used

How to set up a holiday calendar

How to delete a calendar

How these calendars are used:

In Aico, holiday calendars are linked to a company and are used to calculate the workdays for schedule groups and preparer/approver due dates and times. 

Workday -1 (minus one): is the last working day of the period you are working with.

Workday 1 (one): is the first working day of the next month after the period you are working with.

Current month: the period in which you are generating the closing tasks. 

Note: There is no concept of Workday 0.

These calendars are used:

1. In schedule groups, as below.

2. Calculating the due date and time for Preparers/Approvers in individual tasks.

How to set up a holiday calendar.

To set up a new holiday calendar, take the following steps:

1. Go to Admin tools and click Holiday calendars (2).

3. Click on New to create a new calendar.

Name the holiday calendar and add a Code.

Whilst there can be country-based calendars, the more common set-up is to have a single global calendar used by all companies, as highlighted below.

To select the days that you want to set as holidays:

1. Go to Admin tools and click Holidays (2).


3. Select the calendar and month from the drop-down menus. 

4. Click on the date that you want to mark as a holiday. This date will turn green. Weekends are already marked in green by default.

The calendar is then linked to a company. Many customers use only a single holiday calendar globally and therefore link the same holiday calendar to every company.

You can set this by clicking on Manage, then Companies, and choosing the company from your list:

Here, we chose the German company, and selected Global holiday calendar from the drop-down list:

Now the Global holiday calendar is linked to the German company.

How to delete a calendar:

Click on an existing calendar to delete it. 

Simply go into the calendar and click the Delete button.

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