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How to set up a forced completion task

Modified on Tue, 23 May 2023 at 01:15 PM

This task is designed to force any uncompleted tasks into a completed status and archive them. 

You will need to go into Automation manager and create a new task template. Read this article if you don't know how to do this. 

1. Start by creating a new task using the Complete Aico document task type.

2. Set the templates used by the tasks (Aico documents) that you would like to force to the completed workflow status.

3. Set the workflow statuses that should be considered in the task. For example, the task should only complete those Aico documents in the Waiting or Returned to Approver workflow status.

4. It is possible to set this task to affect All companies even though you only connect it to a single company to run it. If you want to control this at an individual company level, leave this unchecked and connect the task to multiple companies.

Tip: It is not advisable to set All periods as this will act on all documents including those in the current period.

5. Tick the Archive completed documents box as it is most common to have the task archive these documents once they have been forced to the Completed status.

6. You can have an action log comment added to the document when it is forced to the completed status. There is also a Document Header called Forced Completed which is automatically set to True so that you can easily identify those documents that were completed by this task rather than the end user in the dashboards.

7. Finally, it is advised that you set this to run manually as it should only be used in exceptional circumstances where, for some reason, users have not finished their tasks and are unlikely to ever complete them.

To set this to run manually, follow the below steps:

Go into the generated Tasks tabs and start the task itself.
Press the double arrows to make the task run when it is set to Start manually.

Note: You are generating this task in the normal way in that it is linked to the period and will only perform the action in the associated period.

8. Soft complete - This setting is not often used but it will force the document through the outstanding workflow steps and perform any modification tasks configured to run on those steps.

Info: You can still set it to start automatically and link it to a schedule group in the normal way. For example, you may force all documents to be completed on Workday 45 regardless of the situation.

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