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How to create a message template

Modified on Mon, 12 Jun 2023 at 11:14 AM

Once you have set up your dashboard lists go to System Manager and select the Mail Configuration tab at the top of the page. Here you can configure the email notifications that are sent to users. The message templates define the content of the message and the message definitions define when and to whom the messages will be sent. 

How to set up a new mail notification

To create a new message template, follow the steps below:

1. Select the Message Templates view.

2. Click on the template and wait for it to open, which can take a few seconds. We strongly recommend that you start by making a copy of the example message template and work from that rather than changing the original. 

3. Make this copy by scrolling to the bottom of the template and click on Copy in the blue box.

The new template that opens will have - Copy appended to the subject line.

4. Edit the data following the instructions below:

In the Language field, select a language for your template.

In the Subject field, enter the subject line. This will appear in the subject line of your email.

Enter your message in the plain text Body and HTML Body fields.

Click Save.


An example of a message template

The message templates are based on HTML and the default set-up is shown below. 

The four areas of the template are:

1. The subject into which you will type in the relevant title of the notification

2. and 3. The plain text Body and HTML body which is the "coding" view of the notification

4. The preview section which shows how the notification will look to the receiver

The message template supports two modes of message.

1. Mode 1 creates a message which contains a link to a dashboard

2. Mode 2 creates a list of documents with an individual link to each document. 

Mode 2 is being used below. You can see the text within the <h3> tags has been pulled through to the message and is visible in the preview section. These two highlighted sentences are often the only areas of the template you should need to amend but you are free to incorporate more advanced HTML code if you want.
These two modes will be explained in more detail in the message definition set-up article.

The fields that will appear in the message table are based on the header settings in the associated document templates and requires no additional set-up here in the message template. 

Next, go to the Message definition set up article.

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