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Modified on Wed, 21 Jun 2023 at 12:59 PM

Tags are connected to both companies and task templates to link these together. For example, you could have a tag of EMEA which can then be used to set a task for only those companies with a tag set of EMEA. 

By default, Automation manager always links a country tag to each company based on the country you set. You could, for example, have several companies in Germany and create a task for posting German taxes. When the task is linked to the German tag it will automatically set all the German companies against this task.

Note that Tags are suggestions and can be used to automatically set a task against new companies added to Automation manager and given this task. It does not prevent you from manually adding such a task to a company that does not have the Tag.

Creating new tags

Start by creating your tags.

Go to:

  • Admin Tools
  • Country

You will find the country tags will already be set up.

Go to:

  1. Admin Tools
  2. Tags

You can create your own, non-country-related tags, for example EMEA, Sales or Production. Do not add countries in here.

Click New and give the tag a name to add a new tag.

Then connect the tag(s) to each company. Note that the country tag is automatically added based on the country you connect the Company to.

When the tag is set on a task template it will clear all the companies, if any are already set, and suggest only those companies that have the tag.  In the example below, the EMEA tag has been set, and the three companies with the EMEA tags are proposed.

Note: Be aware that this does not prevent you from setting up other companies that do not have the tag.

If you add a new company and give it a tag, then it will automatically be added to any task template that also has the same tag.

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