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Using Quick Filters

Modified on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 12:48 PM

This article will talk about how to use Quick filters in either a dashboard or a list view.

What are Quick Filters?

Use Quick filters to narrow down the amount of data visible in a dashboard or list. 

Quick filters can be found at the top of each page but are also added automatically at the top of each column in a list view.

Here are the Quick Filters locations in the list view.

Here is the Quick Filters location in the dashboard view.


This article will focus on the Quick filters available in the list itself. Click here for an article about how to use Quick filters in a dashboard.

You will automatically get a Quick filter at the top of each column in a list view. It is also possible to add more Quick filters when creating your dashboard. The type of filter available depends on the column data type.

Info: If you can't find a document using the filters, check you are in the correct list. You will not find an account reconciliation document in the Closing List, for example.

Text-based lists

Where the data value is text, such as with a Company Name, Workflow Name or Workflow Status, you will get a drop-down of available values based on the content. These filters are used when the value is for a limited number of predefined items. 

Start typing in the box below the column header. The available values you can filter by are shown as you type.

Date-based lists

If the data type is a date, you will get the ability to pick a date to use as a filter criterion. Aico won't show you a long list of dates. You simply pick the date you are looking for or set a value in a number field.

In the Originally created at column, you can either:

  • Click in the box and type in the date you want
  • Click on the calendar icon next to the quick filter for a clickable calendar

There is no drop-down showing you the dates of every document.

The Period column filter will show you a list of available periods based on the data in the listIn the example below, the list starts with 2020-12 and jumps to 2021-12. This means there are no documents in this list for the intervening periods.

Numeric lists

Where the data type is numeric, you can input the number to use as your filter criteria.

For example, to find a specific Aico document, type the number in the box, and that document, should it be available in that list, will be selected.

Tip: Use up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease the numeric value in a number field, such as the Aico Document Number or Due Day Preparer.

Multi-select (available from version 22.1 onwards)

You can select multiple items from a list at any one time.

For example, Company code.

1. Hover over the Company code box. A grey filter icon will appear. Notice at first, that it has a line through it. This shows nothing has been selected.

2. Once you click on it, the filter icon is in black, and the box is outlined in dashes.

3. Click in the box to bring up a list of all the company codes. You can now click on as many company codes as you like. Selected company codes will turn orange. A drop-down will appear in the left of the box and tell you how many items have been selected.

The filtering will happen in real-time, so as you add new search criteria, the list will add in the new criteria.

To deselect a value, in this case a Company code, click it again and the orange highlight will disappear. 

You can clear the multi-filters in two ways:

1. Click on the orange Clear search filters button to clear all the filters on a list.

2. Click on the X in the column filter box to clear the filters on just that column.

You can turn the multi-filter off by clicking on the filter icon in the right of the box again. The grey dashed outline will be replaced by the solid grey box again.

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