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Companies in System Manager

Modified on Mon, 03 Apr 2023 at 03:10 PM

Companies must be added to both System Manager and Automation Manager to be used for all functions of Aico. Note that Automation manager is only used for Account Reconciliations and Closing Tasks. This article shows how to set up companies in System manager.

The simplest way to set up a new company in System Manager is by copying an existing one. This will then automatically set up all the value sets, their links to the document templates as well as the integrations for those templates.

From the System Manager main menu select Companies (1) and then select an existing company (2) connected to the same ERP integration as the Company you want to create. Then press Copy Company (3).

This will now open up a dialogue box which is designed to create the required new company-specific value sets for the new Company.

1. Enter the Company Code and Company Name. The naming convention for Company names is “Company Code – Company name”.

2. The new Company requires Company specific value sets for Accounts, Cost Centers, Profit Centers, Trading Partners, etc.  

3. Where the value sets are being populated directly from the ERP, you need to create a new value set and not copy the values from the company being copied. Where the value sets are manually maintained, you can decide on a case-by-case  basis what is the best copying option.

Tip: If the company you are copying is in the same tax jurisdiction (typically country) then for the Tax code value set, select Use existing.

Aico will automatically create the new Value sets and associate them with the templates.

Go to the Value Sets tab and you will see new Value sets for Account, Cost Center, Profit Center etc.

4. Copy User Roles. If the Users for the new company are the same as for the one you are copying, set Copy User roles to Yes and this will set up the associated User rights.

5. Copy Tax Codes. If the company you are copying is in the same tax jurisdiction (typically country) then set this to Yes. The new company will then use the same tax codes as the original company and no further set-up is required.

Once the new company has been created, you may need to update several individual elements. 

Pay particular attention to:

  • Country code
  • Company
  • Home currency

Next review and update the company attributes. These are always specific to your company and can include attributes such as:

  • Region
  • ERP system name
  • Approver group names

These should all be linked directly to that company code.

Setting up companies in Automation manager can be found here.

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